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Friday, 04 December 2009


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I am glad that you decided to set up a blog. Your first design is a very nice beginner's project, which I hope to try myself. I have never done stumpwork, but want to learn. So this blog will be very helpful to me. I have quilted and sewn for years, and so fully understand the allure of fabric and thread! Hopefully you will share with us what you learn as you work with new and different threads.


What a beautiful piece of work and your explanation is clear and precise. Maybe you could help those of us, who don't have easy access when buying the materials, to get in contact with email shops that can supply us with the all the things we need. It would be a great help.

Thanks very much and keep up the good work.



I love your holly & berries design. The simple & easy to follow instructions have tempted me to want to learn more. Thank you

Lynette P

Congratulations Sandy

A Beautiful blog.

Mayabe I'll have to do a little goldwork now.

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