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Monday, 11 January 2010


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Elmsley Rose

I'm in the Master Class too :-) I really wanted to do the glove (really, really) but the classes overlap by two months, and I was worried that my bodgy health would muck things up and I might need extra time on a project. But I'd hate to start off behind the mark for the Masters Class.
I've asked Trish about repeating classes and she said there is some scope, but also many more new classes coming up in the future :-)

Christa Evans

I'm thrilled that you have signed up for this class and are blogging about it. I have signed up for both as well. Did not realize that the pearls are in limited release so perhaps I need enhance my stash. Thank you for informative posts that are very generous with great information.


I've signed up to the Floral Glove course too. Not sure about the Goldwork as I've never done an embroidery course online before. I may yet sign up for that as well!


I really want to do the Tudor and Stuart Gold Master Class (actually I want to do all of Trish's classes but one really will be my limit.

I'm still deciding because I am already committed to a lot of things in the coming year or two. There again, I don't want to take the risk that the class won't be offered again. Love your tutorials, beautifully explained.


Hello, I just bought my first goldwork book and I reckon I am a bit overwhelmed with it but I will give it a try. I also want to thank you for the site to purchase Purl. Lovely colors. Your do truly lovely goldwork. Hugs Judy

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