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Monday, 04 January 2010


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Coeur de freesia

Your goldwork is marvellous. It is a pleasure for me to visit your blog. Thanks a lot for sharing your techniques !

Elmsley Rose

Thankyou for the two method suggestions - I'd never heard of the second one. I'll have to give it a go!

Gold n' Stitches

Elmsley Rose
Tracy A. Franklin (http://www.tracyafranklin.com/) used a similar method to method two in a project that was feature in Inspirations magazine Issue 55. The piece was titled Heart of Gold, a goldwork brooch. The pearl purl was couched around the edge of the brooch using the traditional method of couching i.e. couch over every fourth or fifth groove of the purl. It was then cut out It was not sealed with glue Personally, I have greater confidence my pieces will not fray or fall apart when I seal the edges with the glue.

Scott Kay jewelry

That frog looks amazing, one of my old clients would have died to get that.

Everything frogs he would pay anyprice lol!

You have got some talent on display here, keep working hard :)

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