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Friday, 26 February 2010


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Elizabeth Braun

Great start and looking forward to seeing it develop. I too am doing some goldwork at the mo, (only I haven't put in a stitch on anything for over a week - life gets in the way of us all at times, and it's nothing to apologise for!=))

would you be willing to share those tips you mentioned for improving satin stitching? I'm sure many, like me, would really appreciate some help with fine tuning.=)


Great start. I think your long and short stitch looks fine. It's a technique that I have always found very difficult.

How long do you think it will take to do this months stitching? I'm wondering about doing the other online goldwork class offered by TT but am a little concerned about how much time it will take up and fitting it in with everything else that I do.



I'm most impressed with your progress - I've not got nearly as much done, but I'm trying really hard to do a good job on it. I'm tempted by the other course too, but just a little anxious about fitting it all in.

Elmsley Rose

It was really tough for me to decide whether to do the Glove class or the Masterclass (I didn't think I could do both). I ended up choosing the Master - but will be watching this with great enthusiam!
Your carnation is lovely, by the way.


I have received all my materials, too! Am hoping to start it this weekend. Keep posting your progress! It is a great motivater.

Yvette Stanton

Its just beautiful. I look forward to seeing it develop. :-)

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